What do recruiters look for in Plumbers?

Plumbers in Ireland stand out if they have the relevant certs necessary for working a certain job. For example, RGII. This is true regardless of whether the job is for domestic, commercial or industrial plumbing. 

Changing jobs frequently is a massive red flag for recruiters unless the candidate was performing contract work. Being able to hold down a job is one of the most desirable traits a candidate can have. 

Location is also important, where is the work located and would the candidate be willing to commute or relocate for work?

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4 Top Tips for Plumber CVs

The CV is the first interaction you have with your potential employer. Your CV gives you a chance to show your potential employer what you’re about, what your key skills are, what experience you have and why you’re the right person for the job.

This is why having a well-structured and clearly laid out CV is super important.

Here is a useful example of a plumbing CV which you can use for reference.

#1 – Don’t use Indeed CV’s, personal CV’s stand out more

Indeed CVs should be your last resort if you are applying for a job.

Employers and recruiters will spend more time looking at a CV that has been created by the candidate themselves and in turn will have a much better chance of being called for interview. 

Personal CVs are easy to upload to Indeed and should be used for every job you apply for.

#2 – Make sure relevant certs are outlined on your CV, e.g Safe Pass, Manual Handling, RGII.

When applying for a role, make sure to include your relevant certs with your application. 

This speeds up the process and will almost guarantee you an interview. 

If this isn’t possible, be sure to outline what certs you have on your CV whether it is a Safe PassManual HandlingRGII etc

#3 – Outline all relevant experience

Similar to your certs, make sure to outline all relevant experience on your CV. 

If you have experience in Domestic Plumbing, Commercial Plumbing, Industrial Plumbing, Air-To-Water Heat Pumps or Gas Boiler Installations, make sure to include all these keywords as that is what recruiters and employers look for the most.

#4 – Follow the correct CV format

Have a family member proofread your CV to check for spelling and grammatical errors. 

Each section should be clearly laid out, it is also clever to keep a digital copy of your CV on your mobile phone

This will make it very easy to apply for jobs on LinkedIn, Indeed and through our website. 

What Career Progression Opportunities are available for Plumbers in Ireland?

Starting off as a Plumber in Ireland, there are many avenues you can go down. 

Take for example, a Foreman, they make on average €45k – €70k per year in Ireland. 

To become one, you need to have relevant experience and to have completed a supervisory/management course.

This will allow you to quickly move into a Mechanical Foreman/Site Foreman role. 

With many Pharma companies and Data Centres basing their HQ in Ireland, there are great opportunities for site work .

Latest Job Opportunities for Plumbers in Ireland

What Advice would a Plumbing Recruitment Expert give to a young person starting out?

“If I was a plumber starting out in Ireland today, I would spend my time in one place gaining experience whilst also looking to get relevant RGII & DGS certs. Down the road, I’d be looking to do one of the courses listed in the article to move into a supervisor or foreman role.” – Conor Whelan

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