€12 million to be invested by the IDA into an advanced building solution in Mullingar

Posted January 13, 2021 in Zenco News

Mullingar is one of the regions selected as a destination by the IDA for the construction of one of nineteen advanced building solutions. This will be done over the course of the next three years as the IDA aim to develop specific regions across the midlands.

This news means that there will be approximately €12,000,000 invested by the IDA during the construction & development of the building at the IDA Business and Technology Park in Marlinstown.

It is believed that it will provide up to 200 jobs for the area and that it will be worth an estimated €12,000,000 per year to the economy of Mullingar, along with a positive economic ripple effect to be seen in the surrounding towns and villages.

“The commitment to deliver space in this location during this period has a potentially transformative impact on the IDA Business and Technology Park with Mullingar centered as a location for business growth”

– Mr John Geoghegan (Mullingar Chamber President)

The building will make Mullingar attractive to companies looking for a location to invest in. The fact that the building will be built removes a substantial barrier to entry for them.

This specific investment is merely a drop in the ocean when it comes to the IDA’s plans which aims to create approximately 800 investments and 50,000 jobs over the next 3 years.

It is great to see such positive plans being put in place to help in the post pandemic recovery efforts